Random Shots of 2017

2017 is really passing by rather quickly, huh. It’s now July, and this only my fifth post for the year. If I want to keep true to my promise (to myself at least, a new year’s resolution if you will), this should’ve been my 7th post instead (and I had about 15 posts last year too!).

Let’s just say this year I’m doing quality over quantity, or just let me assume that *chuckles*

Absolute | XPro-1 

You know what, this has to be, hands down, one of my favourite shots of 2017 so far. I like the tone, the composition, the subject. Everything! And the best part is, I took this shot stopped by the shoulder of a road, with the X-Pro 1 on it’s last leg of battery. The camera actually died right after this shot, refused to even switch on. Better still, I had to put the AF system on manual, because the camera wouldn’t stay on long enough (or focus) for me to actually take a shot. Didn’t knew what I took or how it was framed, I literally just winged it. I should try this more often possibly.

Stalking a Grandma  | XPro-1

I really don’t do much street photography and portraits, but when I do, it’s mostly creep shots, like this for example. What’s better than a shot of an old lady neatly placed in a door way. But damn does the XPro-1 resolves some pretty amazing details. Seriously not dissapointed one bit with the sensor and lens quality.

Stairway | XPro-1

Now this is a doozy. On one hand, I like it, the concept of it at least, but at the same time, I hate it. I really should go out and have another go at the same shot, maybe it would be better in a different light.

Surreal Serenity | XPro-1

Now, this, for me is something quite different to what I’m used to doing. The colours are well exagerrated here, with lots of different graduated filters to balance out the lighting. It’s different, and I like it. What I wished that could be improved is if the camera had a tad more dynamic range, so I can recover more lost highlight details. That’s about it really. Oh, and this is now a new preset for me too.

Reflections | XPro-1

Now, this is a good example of a photo I absolute hate, the upper half at least. The bottom half, I really love. There’s something about the ripples, and the way the sunset is reflected that really speaks to me. But cropping down to just that is rather boring I’d say. And again, there’s just too much details lost in the highlights.

Clear Ways | XPro-1

That’s really about all I have for 2017 so far. But, to end on a lighter note, I recently had my Mamiya RB-67 serviced, changed all the light seals, patched a small crack in the bellow, and cleaned everything. Can’t wait to bring it back out to face the elements. I also have a very badly expired Fuji NPS160. How badly expired? 2003, unrefrigerated! That bad! Should be interesting. Waiting for the right light, and possibly an interesting subject to test it out with.


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