The Zoo, Again!

Weekends. I don’t really know how to spend them. On one hand, there’s much sleeping time to be recovered, but on another, there’s the faint whispers of the XPro-1 calling out to me, “Come~ Take me out for a roadtrip~”. So I did.

Randomly enough (like seriously, the decision was made in under 5 minutes), we decided to go to the zoo. It’s been a while since the last zoo visit, and this time, we went to the Malacca State Zoo (instead of the one in Kuala Lumpur). Oddly enough, my experience here in Zoo Melaka (as it’s called here) is better than the Kuala Lumpur National Zoo. Much better. In fact, it’s so much better that I’m beginning to wonder why isn’t this our national zoo instead.

We’re greeted by untethered parrots at the entrance

What impressed me even more was the entrance fee, which was about RM 17 (about 4$). Now, compared to the stupidly expensive entrance fee to Zoo Negara, I began to further wonder why do people even go there! Yes, yes, Zoo Negara has pandas, but does that justify the price bump (RM 27 or 9$ premium)?

12:00 PM is the feeding time in Zoo Melaka, so do plan your trips well.

There were tram rides too, but we didn’t bother with that. What’s the point in rushing anyway, right? We were also lucky enough that it wasn’t a very warm day at all. I barely broke a sweat, and that was at noon. There are shows too done throughout the day . At 11:00 AM, there was a bird show (which we missed), and the animal feeding at 12:00 PM. They threw whole chickens (cleaned, of course) to the gators and tigers. The tiger looked like it was ready just to leap out of the enclosure. Scary stuff!

What an angry looking bull!

The feeding, the shows and well, most of the other animals were simply not present in the National Zoo. Granted, there are a few things missing here too, such as dromedaries, camels, and pandas, but at least 90% of the enclosures are full. It makes it seems like paying your money’s worth in entrance fees. I’m sure that Zoo Negara has it’s own shows too, and possibly more animal species too, but we honestly just felt like we had a better time here instead (and we also got to pet some bunnies!).

Lost in thoughts

Anyway, I think that’s about all I could muster for this current entry. All the photos shown are edited with my latest preset called chrome. It’s available as a free download (LR only) and I hope you’ll try it!

Thanks for reading!

Bonus content #1: A similar shot attemped about 3 years ago with my trusty old D7000. I like the editing and composition of my latest shot more than this. 
Nikon FM | Kodak Ektar 100
Bonus Content #2: Another shot of the same bull last year with my Nikon FM and Kodak Ektar. Pretty meh honestly but I do love the colours from Ektar. They just pop! I’m also now starting to wonder why do I keep taking similar shots of bulls eating.

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