LR Presets: Download Now

Yes, after 10 months of constantly re-adjusting my presets, I’m now ready to share them publicly. I have tried my best to make it work in most lighting conditions and with most cameras. With that goal in mind, I had to limit my adjustments from being too, what’s the word, extreme. So no crazy curves manipulation, no extreme contrast tweaks and the likes of it.

Here are some of the more latest samples, and introducing my latest preset (which is also currently my favourite, Color #10 – Chrome)

As you can see, it works with multiple lighting scenarios, and I am quite fond of the effect it creates. I know it’s nowhere near as great as Classic Chrome from Fujifilm or actual Chrome (Ektachrome, Kodachrome etc.) films, but this is my take on Chrome.

dscf3615Oh and yes, it works with portraits too. However, this shot seems more like an expired Superia 200 which has been push-processed to me. Awesome!

Now, here are 4 of my previous B&W modes, but they are now re-tweaked to suit more lighting conditions. The effect each preset gives is significantly different from one another.

B&W #1 – Extreme Contrast prioritizes crushed shadows and adds grain.

B&W #2 – Medium Contrast has more balance between highlight and shadows while still having some amount of grain

B&W #3 – Portraits has a very low contrast to  make wrinkes or imperfections appear less prominent. Works great with portraits. Minimal grain.

B&W #4 – Fade, well, adds fade and I’d say it’s somewhere in between medium and low contrast. It’s my favourite black and white preset hands down! Also has minimal grain.

Lastly, here are my two favourite color presets. Works with just almost anything, and to me, the only two presets I ever need for editing. It has sorta been my signature tone, especially Color #9 – Organic Moods. For Color #10 – Chrome, I love how it rendered the sky in that shot. Overall, they both add a little something to your images without any excessive exposure changes. I have another Color preset in the works, but that’s not quite ready just yet.

To summarize, in it’s current iteration, the presets I’m giving away has 6 options (don’t be fooled by my naming scheme). It’s still in very early development and might require some exposure, shadow, highlight and contrast adjustment to fully work. Some presets had “Lens Correction” turned on, so do be aware of that. If you like my presets, do say thanks and like this post. If you don’t, do comment on what didn’t you like and I’ll try improving them even further. I hope you’re satisfied with the presets I’m offering, and yes, they are free, no strings attached. I truly hope they work as well for you as they did for me.

Lastly, this preset was created by a begginer (me), for beginners and amateurs alike. So please, to any pros out there who happened to stumble upon this post and actually tested my preset, do give me your valuable feedbacks! It’ll mean the world to me!

Download LR Preset Here

*File is linked from my Google Drive. Size is 8 KB in a .ZIP folder


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