2016: Year in Review

2016, now just a distant memory. Photographically, it was pretty memorable, for me at least since I got a few new cameras to play with. I feel like just ranting on my memories from this past year (or so), well, the parts I could remember at least with my goldfish-like memory.

Canon Selphy CP910

I bought my first photo printer! It’s a simple and easy to use unit with decent image quality. A Canon Selphy CP910 to those who are interested. My verdict from using it this past year or so is: Pros (cheap to run, decently priced, highly portable, Wi-Fi, SD-Card reader, waterproof prints, quality doesn’t seem to degrade over time) and Cons (doesn’t use black ink so no deep blacks, quality could be better, relatively slow print speed, need better driver support – need some tinkering to make it work properly with Mac OS). My current plan with the prints is to have a pinboard of sorts in my room, and display them there.

Here are some random samples. Sorry for the poor quality, but they look alright

Fujifilm X-Pro 1

Yes. Yet another entry in this blog that mentions this camera, but I’m honestly stunned over how good it is. I agree, it isn’t the best all rounder in the market as the likes of a D810 or 5D MkIV. Never is or was, but I love it. It fits my shooting style quite well.

Portraiture: Fujifilm X-Pro 1 + XF 35/2
Portraiture: Fujifilm X-Pro 1 + XF 35/2

Complains? I do have a few, focusing speed being the main sore point, but when it does, man oh man, it’s good. It’s very well built too, the assembly feels very solid as you’d expect from anything Japan made, but even better is the fact that it looks amazing. It’s pretty much (for me) a Leica for cheap. Surely, the Leica has a better sensor and glass, but the price/performance shouldn’t be too far off of each other.

Path to Enlightenment
Path to Enlightenment

It has it’s limits however, such as with the image above. Trying to get the best exposure in this scenario did prove to be tricky. It’s either a current limit to my skills, or the dynamic range capability of the Fuji’s sensor. This shot also shows the limit of the AF system, since the subject was walking out of the chapel door. I just had to pre-focus and wing it, thus the obvious lack of clarity observed here. However, I still quite like this image. There’s something very….raw (for lack of a better word) about the quality. Reminds me of film.

Roman Candles
Roman Candles

But when the combo decides to grab focus properly (like this shot above), the image quality is very-very good, if not great. This was shot on a tripod, with an ISO of 200 for 1″ or so (having a really still model helps too). I really do quite like this shot and it’s edit. I also manually darkened the background to give an overall more immersive effect.

The Door
The Door

Lastly, just a photo of a pretty cool door I saw in Penang few months back. That’s it. Just a cool looking door. Moving on.

Leica Mini 3

I very recently stumbled on this camera by chance online. I was always looking for a Mini, preferably a Mini 1, but as luck would have it, the Mini 3 I came across was mint in box. Got it for MYR 450 (about US$100). It came with a free original leather case too, also mint in box. However, I’ve yet to finish my roll in it. A review should be coming soon once I send the film to for developing, and I honestly don’t know what to expect. That’ll be fun!

The Leica Mini 3 in all it's glory.
The Leica Mini 3 in all it’s glory.

That’s about it for 2016. Thanks for reading and subscribe for more contents, if you’re interested of course. Thanks again!



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