Streets | feat. X100S

Ah. Street photography. It’s not that I’m not fond of the whole concept, but human interactions are oh-so-cumbersome, for me at least. If only they made courage pills.

XPro-1 | Street Food
XPro-1 | Street Food

Anyway, the images found in this piece is a collection from two separate outings; one in Malacca (Jonker Street) with an X100S, and the other from Kuala Lumpur (Chow Kit specifically) with my XPro-1. Stole my friends X100S for this (Thanks! You know who you are!).

X100S | Shade and Sun
X100S | Warmth and Shade

I really do love the X100 series more than the XPro-1 in these situations. There’s something quite magical and indescribeable about the way of which the camera operates. It’s quick, quiet and most importantly, discreet. Though as toy-like as it may seem, the image quality is nothing but astounding. However, as aesthetic goes, I still prefer my all black XPro-1. It looks and feels more mechanical, and closer to my Nikon FM.

X100S | Cinematic Jonker
X100S | Cinematic Jonker

I do love places such as these. Where things are more classical, more battered by the years. Often times, the people are friendlier too. To an extent, even less prejudiced. And that makes it special, both to relax your mind, and as interesting subjects. I could freely walk around with a camera in my hand, with no straps, yet I feel safe. This is a stark difference from busier city centres, such as Chow Kit for example.

XPro 1 | Chow Kit Road
XPro-1 | Chow Kit Road

I’m not saying that Chow Kit is a bad place. Not at all. It’s a pretty good place for street photography, but I don’t feel as safe roaming there when compared to places like Penang or Malacca, for example. It’s a difficult feeling to describe, but what triggered the thought is when I actually felt regret for not having any form of straps on the XPro. A weird sensation.

XPro-1 | Classic Treats
XPro-1 | Classic Treats

This is not the first time, nor it will be my last time roaming around the streets of Chow Kit. Perhaps, just perhaps, it’s just anxiety from roaming alone. Something I need working on. Nonetheless, I had fun! I really should bring the Nikon FM out next time. It’s been quite a while since I last used it. Worry not, it’s slumbering cozily at 40% humidity in a dry box back home. But that’s for another time. Thanks for reading!


Gallery from XPro-1 and X100S:


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