A Colourless Sunset: Long Exposures

Cloudy days. Dull skies. The bane of most landscape photographers. Out with your cute and shapely clouds on a deep blue background, and behold, pale grey nimbostratus clouds. What began for a plan of sunset by the beach shot end up being forcefully metamorphosed into a long exposure night photography.

Dismal Interference
Dismal Interference – Low Clouds, No Sun, Calm Waters

How better to capture the essence of this gloomy day, is of course, by converting all my shots into Black & White. But B&W is great in salvaging dull pictures, it really helps in making your subject “pop”. And I think B&W is quite forgiving, in terms of noise, and degree of adjustments to get the results you want, especially since white balance isn’t crucial.

Figure in the Shadows
Figure in the Shadows

This freedom for tinkering is quite clearly displayed in the image above, it’s noisy, grainy and imperfect, yet somehow it works, or better still, it suits the portrayed atmosphere to a T.

Minimalism - A Pier to Forever
Minimalism – A Pier to Forever

This has got to be one of my favourite shots of all time. I love almost everything about this shot. The razor sharp pier, the clean white sky, the cloudy waters. The only thing that could have made this shot better for me was if the sea was a tad bit more dramatic. You’d get way dreamier waters that way. I’d definitely attempt this shot again in the near future, with better planning this time, I hope.

That’s just about all I could say from this outing. I included some other edits and shots that I thought was okay, but didn’t like as much as the shots I featured above. Thanks for reading!


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