Fujifilm X-Pro 1: An Instant Classic

5 years. That’s the time that has passed between now and the time I got my first camera, the Nikon D7000 and 50mm f/1.8D, and concurrently, the beginning of this blog. And in all that time, I never once – ever – thought of replacing my (then) priceless possession, until very recently.

It all began when I first tried a friend’s Fuji X100S, and immediately I was smitten. So off to the web I went, searching more about this magnificent brand that I didn’t even knew made such gorgeous digital cameras. That’s when I first saw/discovered this magnificent jewel of a camera, the XPro-1.

As I immersed myself in reviews after reviews of the XPro-1, I just found myself loving it even more as the days passed, and finally, I traded in my D7000 body for a mint XPro-1 with a new Fuji XF 35mm f/2 totalling to just under 900 USD.

One of my first shots with the XPro-1 + 35/2 combo at f/2

Initially, when I got the XPro-1, it came preloaded with firmware version 3.40 but a quick check on Fuji’s website revealed a new update was available to enhance compatibility with my new Fuji XF 35/2. I really do salute Fuji for their continuous support for an obsolete product – makes the ownership experience all the more better. Really, kudos Fuji!

So, what can I say about the camera within 48 hours of ownership?

Focus Speed:

Good, if not great in good light. Slight hunting in low light. If I had to compare it with my D7000, I think the Fuji just loses slightly here. The only thing I miss from my D7000 is the fact that it could pretty much guess where do you want your focus point to be, rather than the Fuji where you’d need to manually pick a focus point in each shot. The 35/2 lens is virtually silent but I really do hate the focus ring. Great for fine tuning your focus, crippling for manual focus.

Call me crazy, but you could be fooled into thinking it was shot on Portra 160 – great Fuji colours, with additional tinkering in LR

Colour Rendition and Exposure:

Simply put, it’s sublime. The shot above was tweaked in LR with my Colour #14 – Vintage preset, and I think it works. I really do like the outcome. My most preferred way to use this camera is with the OVF, shutter speed on Auto and just adjust the exposure comp dial or aperture and let the camera decide the correct shutter speed. The shutter speed dial is rather inconveniently placed that I don’t really bother with it.

The green cast is from the surrounding environment
The green cast is from the surrounding environment


Since I use the OVF almost exclusively for now, an annoying quirk that I’m still getting used to is parallax error in close focus situations. The focus area that you select won’t actually be your actual focus point, rather an area slightly lower to the right (closer to the lens), and this is based off of your distance from your subject. It’s not bad, but never use the OVF in decisive moments or you’d be pretty pissed from all the out of focus shots you’re going to be having.

She's quite good at posing apparently
She’s quite good at posing apparently

I thinks that’s about all I could say for now as my time with this camera is still rather quite brief, until next time.


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