The Fuji Fever

Fuji X100S - Busy Beach
Fuji X100S – Busy Beach

For the past 5 years or so, I’ve been diligently using my D7000 with no regards to the amazing development that has been stirring up in the camera world. I love my D7000, don’t get me wrong. The past 5 years with it have been a great mix of the good and the bad. Everything changed, however, when a friend lent me his Fuji X100S.

Fuji X100S - Green Waters
Fuji X100S – Green Waters

This was the first time I used something quite so different, and unique. It’s light, portable and pocketable (almost). And that OVF/EVF hybrid, just wow! The first time I picked up the X100S, I just thought to myself, what a cute lil’ point and shoot. Never have I even been so wrong in my life when I took my first shot with it. I just sat there, feeling dumbfounded almost. The sharpness, bokeh, and of course, those colours! Nothing was ever quite the same again.

Fuji X100S - Smile
Fuji X100S – Smile

I really do love the hybrid OVF on the X100 and X-Pro line up. It gives you great flexibility in choosing what’s best for the moment, but only for primes (zooms and OVFs don’t really pair all that well in my opinion). I love the milli-second review period, that just pops the end-image on the OVF after each shot. With this system, there really is no reason to keep checking the playback menu after a few shots.

Fuji X100S - Golden
Fuji X100S – Golden

The RAW (RAF) files are very also very great to work with. Good shadow and highlight recovery with great colours to boot. There are quite a few film simulation / colour profiles to choose from, and my favourite has to be either the Monochrome (Red Filter) or Pro Neg. Hi. The only thing I noticed was the X100S’s tendency to underexpose slightly, but nothing that can’t be fixed in post.

But here comes the dilemma;

i) Do I settle with a “cheaper” X100T, with no interchangeable lens at 35/2

ii) Do I spend slightly more cash to get an X-E2, with a 23/1.4 – which is more optically superior

iii) Or even higher still, for an XT-1 + 23/1.4; for the better EVF, and controls and weather sealing

iv) Or pull the trigger on the overpriced X-Pro 2 – not worth it in my opinion, too expensive for an amateur like myself.

For the time being, I am still working on the decisions myself, but I’m greatly leaning towards the X100T and using the D7000 + 50mm in tandem.

Gallery from the X100S:


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