Street Photography: A Short Recollection

*This is a continuation of my street photography adventures from the previous post that was in B&W. Decided to do 4 coloured and 4 B&W shots from the trip to Masjid Jamek, Kuala Lumpur. 


This was my first – officially – time dabbling in street photography and I must say, I’m sold with the whole concept. It’s fun and makes you stay on your toes, just to get that special moment. Truth be told, I actually struggled a bit throughout the duration of this shoot for several – unconvincingly good – reasons.

No Entry
No Entry

Firstly, it was the inability of my D7000 and the 50mm f/1.8D to AF in low-light conditions without the AF Assist Illuminator turned on. It was just hunting 70% of the time! So much so that I got fed up half-way and turned the AF off and MF-ed for the rest of the shoot. Even weirder however, although on AF, the subject sometimes appears out-of-focus even with confirmed AF lock (I should really do a proper test on that, the camera is old now. Maybe it needs a good CLA). And then there was the rain. The D7000 is weather sealed – I think – but the 50mm f/1.8D…isn’t. There was always that little voice in my head. Constantly reminding me on how I was going to wreck the camera and lens (I didn’t…phew!).


Lastly, it all boiled down to the fact that I was at an effective 80mm focal length, and that made framing shots that were happening right in front of me a nightmare. Okay, don’t get me wrong. Sometimes, being at 80/85 just means that you could take more sneaky shots from further away, or frame better street portraits when you’re out shooting. But, it also means that you can’t include more of the surrounding into your shot. Also, notice how most of my subject were looking at me in my shots? That was one part thanks to the rather huge size of the D7000, and one other to that ever so loud mirror slap (even though I was on “Quiet” mode…yeah, right!).

U Wot M8
U Wot M8

With all of that being said, I still enjoyed every last bit of my first street photography adventure. Looking forward to trying it out more in the future. I also had a brief hands-on with my friends Fuji X100S and to me, that camera is a real gem! Quiet leaf shutter, Good AF performance and razor sharp SOOC JPEGs. Might actually just get one for myself! More on that later.


Some good tips that I learned during the trip:

i. Always bring a backpack. Comes in handy to store stuff although you might think you won’t need it.

ii. Learn to analyse and predict your surrounding and subjects. Most of the time, someone is going to do something interesting.

iii. Try not to isolate the subject too much from the surrounding, it could sometime add more character and story in your shots.

iv. Having a slower shutter speed could help in creating a more dynamic composition.

v. Try not to take pictures of the homeless. I think it’s very disrespectful and overdone.

vi. Finally, just have fun and keep at it!


Thank you for reading through this cluttered encounter of mine.

TL;DR: Much Fun, Such Newb, Very Wow!


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