Long Exposure Night Photography

Whew…it’s really been quite some time since I’ve last held my camera.  So, to get out of my current slump, I went to Port Dickson, Malaysia! Again!! This time I went to Pantai Tanjung Tuan *i think* and capture some shots of boats and piers.  Since it’s currently a holiday in Malaysia, My friend and I waited till evening before we made our move, but to our surprise the highway is jammed anyway! A real horror story! Luckily enough, it didn’t took us that long to get going again and we reached Port Dickson at roughly 7 p.m!



Look at that jam! @.@


Got bored in the jam! Took test shots of my new case! =)


Cliché selfie! T.T

By the time I finished, the sun had already set and it was on a very cloudy day too! So, the last images of the piers are mostly long exposure shots of 20 seconds and more.  Truth be told, I really struggled in capturing and processing these images.  Although not quite spectacular, do enjoy! And if you like it, please favorite and share it! Thanks! Lastly, to those who have the time, do go to Port Dickson, take a breath of fresh air and relax! Do click these images for an enlarged version and settings!



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  1. What an awesome collection of images from this field trip. These are marvelous, and lucky you to have such fabulous subject matter to work with.


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