Craziest week ever!!!!

Huh!!! At last this week ended. It was just so packed. Classes till 6 pm, meeting after meeting, piles of assignments to be completed. Even at night I still had classes sometimes, well at least now it’s all ended coz it CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!!!!!! One week holiday to completely rejoice, NOT!!!!!! As soon as the holiday ends, the torture with start again with one full week of test and quizzes. Gaaaaa~~~~ that’s the only sound I can produce now, the sound of my soul being sucked out from my body. Owh well, I guess anyway my design is almost done, and when that’s completed, the torturing would surely stop *full of hope,glimmering eyes*. lol!!!

On a lighter note, let us enjoy a picture of a very “cute” cat…

The OOKLA cat 🙂 isn’t is cute~~~~


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