DiGi Disappointment!!

Where do I begin, i guess it all started a week ago, when I
browsed to digi’s website to find suitable packages for my iPad. I
stumbled upon the cheap RM 2/day prepaid plan. I’m not a heavy
internet user so it is good enough for me to get a prepaid plan -
as I also live in a wifi covered area. So I went to DiGi and took a
number and waited for my turn to arrive, it wasn’t a very busy day
so it took me about 3 minutes of waiting before my turn arrived. At
the counter, I asked about the prepaid broadband pack namely the
”LIMITED TURBO 3G BROADBAND”. The saleswoman then had a blurred facial expression, it’s like, what pack?? Broadband prepaid?? Then I said it was for my iPad, so she said the plan for iPad is
different, not a broadband pack, but a normal pack that could call.
I questioned the lady’s decision because as we all know iPad can’t
call, why should we have a call-enabled sim. Besides, my best
friend also used the prepaid broadband without any issue.

After almost 20 minutes of arguing with the lady, and the other sales persons really did not help, I at last had a great idea to ask lady to go online to check it out, and guess what, I WAS RIGHT!!!! You can use the prepaid broadband with an iPad. At last problem solved.

They charged me RM 25 for my sim pack and an additional RM 20 for
cutting the sim to a micro sim (which I thought to be fairly
overpriced). The saleswoman now told me to stay put for a moment
while she goes in to cut the sim and activate it.

Just when I thought my problem ended, cruel irony strikes. The sim was having problems while activating due to POOR RECEPTION!!!!!!! In a DiGi Center!!!! A good OMG moment 🙂 It took them over 15 minutes to get my sim ready. Thus, my accumulated time waiting in the DiGi Center was about 1 hour 10 minutes. I even had a decent amount of time to go back to my car -which was parked 10 block away due to traffic jam-and insert more coins in the parking meter.

At last, my sim was ready. I then place it in my iPad, with high hopes for a 3G signal but the best I got was only an EDGE signal. The 3G signal is only available in KL. But at least I have wireless Internet, and it’s cheap. Thus it really doesn’t bother me that much 🙂



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